Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well, hello there internetz. Long time no see. What? Don't give me that look. I've been busy, okay?

We went to Italy! It looked like this:

Then I had a baby. He looked like this:

Except now he looks like this:

This year we went to California. And drank a lot of this:

Anywho, I hope you'll have me back. Chris has been pestering me to blog again and I'm finally caving. I've recently taken up photography (did you all actually make any of my recipes when the photos looked like that? Ick!) and will be switching gears a bit. I'll post about food stuffs here and there, but also a lot of photos in my attempt to keep a 365 blog. Plus, my kid is cute and he deserves more internet time.

By the way, I got a crazy amount of spam comments during my hiatus. So, you'll have to type in a few extra letters now before commenting. I really hope this doesn't deter anyone from leaving a note. Well, I do hope it deters the Russian porn peddlers from leaving links to their crazy stuff. And deep down, you hope so too.

Here's to a successful, bloggity 2011! Cheers!

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