Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The difference a year makes

Don't worry, this isn't some sappy post about how awesome my kid has become over the past year (that would be waaaay awesome, duh). Instead, it's a braggy post about how I've almost learned how to use my camera. Friday will mark my one year manualiversary, one year since I started shooting in manual mode.

I remember the first outing in "m" well - the Peanut and I joined my friend Alison and her daughter to explore the butterfly house at Brookside Gardens. And guess where we spent the morning before Hurricane Irene? Brookside! So, I actually have some pretty good examples of before and after. Let's marvel in my own photographic metamorphosis, shall we?


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Blandest. Butterfly. Ever.

Except this one.

Whoa there, little buddy. I was actually *thrilled* with this shot at the time. I had never gotten such clear, noticeable catchlights.

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Baby in a log! Blown shirt is overpowered by extreme cuteness! This is still one of my favorite Peanut photos.


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Oh hey, focus. That's a neat trick.

Bonus flower shot. My gift to you.

Undecided on the vintage edit. Completely decided on keeping the kid.

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And I still struggle to get catchlights, but at least I've learned a thing or two about composition.


RobMonroe said...

Awesomeness! I am still about a year from taking on the Manual Setting on my camera. I really want to, but I want a nicer camera first. (Yeah, I am all about excuses!)

Amy F.W. said...

Great growth!! And yes, keep the kid. But great that you have butterfly shots to compare. :)