Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

And I am digging it. Even if it means taking a half day of annual leave just to accomplish a trip to the damn post office (Tip: If you're going to ship something heavy, like, I don't know, a box of wine, not that you would because that's illegal, use the flat rate boxes so you don't spent $46 dollars (!!!!) on shipping. The nice lady at the post office may remind you of this but you won't want to unpack your illegal box of something-that-is-not-wine in front of her, so you will foolishly spend $46 rather than reveal your liquid secret (which only cost $20 to buy). Also, Merry Christmas to my brother. Here's hoping your gift makes it on base.).

Anywho, postal exploits aside, things are shaping up to be quite merry around here.We've already visited Santa - he flew in by helicopter to the College Park Aviation Museum. And my squirmy little toddler patiently waited in line for over an hour (so, that's like five days in toddler time) to see the Big Guy. But the Big Guy had candy and was seated a few feet from an elevator with buttons and chimes, so patience was indeed rewarded.

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And our tree is up and decorated! Chris and I have a tradition of imbibing hot spiked drinks and watching "It's a Wonderful Life" while we trim the tree.

We also stopped by Zoo Lights at the National Zoo. The Peanut was not terribly impressed with all the pretty lights (I'll post some of those later), but he was enthralled by the miniature trains. They were decorated with an odd assortment of plastic figurines, including Homer & Marge toys, a slew of Sesame Street characters and My Little Ponies. It looked like two decades worth of Happy Meal toys were put to good use.

Also, in case you're wondering - my mounted police obsession continues, unabated.

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Wait. That's not festive enough. How bout now?

Muuuuch better. Hope your days are merry and bright!

(But screw Christmases being white. I have no use for snow.)

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Amy F.W. said...

Twinkle light mounted police! I thought I had seen it all. Love your tree, AND your tradition, I should try that some day (the spiked drinks at least, don't know about the movie).