Wednesday, January 18, 2012

P52: Stranded

Not the most creative interpretation. Since we are in the midst of potty training a certain little Peanut (don't worry - that's the last you'll hear about it), Chris had an awesome idea that involved showing two tiny legs swinging from a great big potty. But I'm sorry, Internet. I just can't release a potty photo out in to the wild like that. And I know that a good portion of folks are breathing a huge sigh of relief, including my future teenager.

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And a bonus shot from the same "shoot". He may be nekkid but I think this will require a little less therapy to get over.

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Rob Monroe said...

Fun shots!

My MIL loathed my no-naked-pictures rule. Still does. She actually tried to sneak a camera past me at bath time once when she was visiting. I handed her a towel, grabbed the camera and walked away. Oy!