Monday, July 30, 2012

Catch up

"Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
(attributed to Mark Twain, though not really.)

We are, in fact, alive and well. A little too well and with one additional life on the way, actually. 

Boy #2. Due October 17th. So far, things have gone relatively smoothly, though he is an incredibly active little guy. I'm no longer holding out hope for that calm, easy-going second child I thought I had coming to me.

It's not grand (and looks particularly small quaint in exterior photos), but it's perfectly roomy for us and we absolutely adore it. It's a 1940's Cape Cod that was extensively renovated and added on to by a builder last year. They kept some of its vintage charm but added all new amenities.A perfect combination for us.

 I've come to really like the efficiency of galley kitchens (we had a tiny galley kitchen in our old house) and this one features a gratuitous amount of counter space:

And my cookbook collection has a lovely new home in our breakfast room:

Don't worry - that's not all of them. The rest are hidden inside the bureau.

We're still getting settled and I have lots of ideas for pretty much every room. The house was entirely neutral when we moved in, so now it's just neutral with our crappy old furniture on top. You don't need to see pictures of that.

So, the baby and the house have kept us fairly busy over the past few months. Not too busy for the beach, of course. There's always time for the beach. Although we've had to accommodate our road trips for a pregnant lady and a toddler-sized bladder. We are now entirely too familiar with every Royal Farms along Route 50, plus a few choice McDonalds.

Happy summer!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Can't help myself

I should probably start with a more detailed post about where the hell I've been (we moved) or what the hell I've been doing (gestating baby #2), but in the mean time here is a gigantic roan draft cross near the Capitol. Because I have my priorities.