Monday, February 21, 2011

Teething Toddler For Sale

Asking price: Six pack of Hoengaarden, OBO. Colin was a bear today. A rabid bear. A rabid bear coming off a ten day meth bender. Who couldn't find his keys. Since that's the kind of day I've been having, I'll treat you to a handful of underexposed, out of focus shots commemorating it. 


To his credit, he was a perfect angel over the weekend, as we carted him across the state for various social functions. So, here is one of his better moments today. Paci-face and all. We generally limit his pacifier to the crib, but desperate times, man. Des-per-ate times.

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worknmom23 said...

I love the one... where he is giving you the look... the I can't believe you're taking my picture right now, can I please chew on that damn camera - look!??! He is so adorable. Maddy's teething too. She fussed all day yesterday too!! Maybe the babies got together and plotted against us? :)