Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What do you mean, "It's only Wednesday"?

I typically hate weekday whining as much as the next person. Poor you, another case of the Mondays. Can't wait 'til Friday? Me neither. Whaa whaa whaaa it sucks to have to leave the house five days in a row. WE KNOW. But today, I am wholeheartedly joining the chorus. This week has been kicking my ass and taking my name, relentlessly, every single day.

I owe  my sanity to three things: lunchtime yoga (genius), beer in frosty mugs and these:

My first quick attempt at one of my 2011 Goal Foods: turtle brownies.  Chopped up caramel pieces (1 cup), chopped pecans (1 cup) and brownie mix (Ghiardelli Triple Chocolate. Don't look at me like that, Chris Kimbal. They're goood.).

Gourmet? Maybe not. Soul restoring? Absolutely.


RobMonroe said...

That is a great thing to check off your list! They look very yummy!

eclemrush said...

Thanks, Rob! Nice to hear from you!