Saturday, January 15, 2011

Me and my big ideas

The fallen confetti has been swept.  Dick Clark has been delicately bathed in the amniotic fluid of a rare white tiger and put away in his cryogenic chamber.  And the time for resolution making has come and gone. There is no denying that we are totally in to 2011, but I thought I would take a moment and jot down some food related to-dos for the year.

Things I Want to Make in 2011:
  • Turtle brownies. Caramel pecan, not reptile. 
  • Artichoke pudding/flan/deliciousness. I had an amazing savory custard dotted with briney artichoke hearts from Wegman's  last week. Step 1 is to figure out what it's called.
  • Chocolate souffle
  • A poor man's light set-up for taking food photos after dark.
  • Pop-overs. (I'm looking at you, Kim!)
  • 2 recipes per month from both Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food. I really have to put these subscriptions to work. They should be filling my tummy and my blog, not just lazing about on my coffee table.
  • Bacon risotto. Just try to wrap your head around the extreme awesome that may occur.
  • Brown sugar cookies

What are your food goals for 2011? Or, is there anything you want me to see me make? Friends and family (both real and internet), any recipes I've made for you that you'd like to see on the blog? I'm open to ideas! Let's have a delicious 2011, everyone.


worknmom23 said...

I am craving bbq ribs right now... have you done them? I have attempted and ruined a couple batches! lol... They are on my list of foods to accomplish one day! :)

eclemrush said...

I've only made them on the grill once and they flared up and made a total mess! But I do looove ribs, so it's worth trying again : )