Thursday, January 6, 2011


Our Christmas tree is still up. It's dry and crunchy and yellowing and the branches are starting to droop like a sleepy child, but it's still up. It has been extra hard to think about taking it down and tossing it to the curb this year. For one, Chris outdid himself. It's a gorgeous, perfectly shaped tree (at least it was, before the drooping). The second reason is that Colin is obsessed with it. He can spy a little sliver of tree lights from his crib when the door is open and every morning his first word is "Tree!". All day, he wanders the house exclaiming "Tree!" and pointing to various Christmas tree-shaped decorations. It's going to be quite a jolt when he wakes up and all the fun, twinklyness of the holiday season is packed away. 

Also, there's a third reason the tree is still up: sheer laziness.
The tree, in better days. 

One of many decorations Colin "made" at daycare. Based on the blobs, I would say he may have actually touch this one.

I definitely need to spend some time figuring out macros. My focus is hit or miss even on a good day, but when you're up close working with such a narrow depth of field - youch. Part of the 365 blog idea is to help me figure this photography stuff out and show growth over the course of a year. I'm hoping these make good "before" shots.