Sunday, January 2, 2011

Duck redux

A few weeks ago I had the grand idea to cook one of my very favorite dishes, duck au poivre, for our New Year's Eve meal. I've made it successfully before, but I ran to the internet to remind me of the basic method. And lo, what did appear? My very own recipe from this very blog ranked third in Google results. I immediately thought I'd made an embarrassing spelling error in both the recipe title and my search terms (poivre? pouvre? pwav?) but no. Maybe those crazy spam comments with viral links were good for something after all? Higher Google rankings?

Anyway, I ended up following the same recipe I blogged previously and it was just as amazing as it was in 2007. I still want to bathe in this sauce. These took about twice as long to cook as last time because there were huge magrets, not muscovy (I think). Here is an ever-so-slightly-better photo:

(Phood photography iz hard)

And! We had not only leftover duck breast, but a fair amount of wonderful rendered duck fat. For dinner one night this week we'll have Asian Duck Wraps (wraps, rice, shredded lettuce, duck and green onions topped with plum sauce). And we enjoyed potatoes and carrots roasted with duck fat and rosemary as a side to tonight's mediocre turkey meatloaf.


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