Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keys, please

We just got back from a little jaunt in Key West, celebrating the 30th birthdays of our friends Brooke and Ross. I very nearly didn't bring my camera. For one, I was actually really happy with the shots I got in January and didn't feel like repeating them. And for two, I had every intention of putting the lax in relax and wasn't interested in schlepping (or protecting) my camera.

I totally lived up to number two and had a fabulous time hanging by the pool, meandering up and down Duval Street and stuffing my face with lobster eggs benedict from Blue Heaven (truly heavenly!) and my pictures and sunburnt skin reflect that. I look like Magda from There's Something About Mary and Chris claims I shaved ten years off my life.

Chris insists that that key lime martini will be a our new "signature drink":
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I was content with my share of margaritas:

I did NOT take this awesome sunset picture (thanks, Ryan!):

Because I was busy doing things like this:

Anyway, I think we had the perfect amount of time down there, especially considering that I've experienced just about all of the cultural, artsy stuff. We did manage to catch a round of the Hemingway look alike contest though, and that made for some fun spectating:
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And! Continuing my series of Mounted Police in Random Places:
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Of course I can't end without a picture of food, because we did eat rather well. The best risotto I've ever eaten (carbonara!) from the Rooftop Cafe:

It was underneath a couple of shrimp that looked an awful lot like that scene from Beetlejuice, but it was completely sublime. And we only danced to Harry Bellafonte when we wanted to.


RobMonroe said...

Love the portrait of you - that's the coolest. :)

Amy F.W. said...

A theme of mounted police in random places is probably better than the alternative: mounting police in random places. At least less likely to result in arrest.