Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In all Fairness

Every year we hit the fair for some good old fashioned family fun, or a "super happy fun family adventure" as Chris prefers to call it. And it was his birthday afterall, so despite the 90 someGodawful degrees and scattered showers, we headed out for some sweaty farm animal fun. Chris got to watch pig races and I enjoyed my annual corn dog and cherry-dipped soft serve cone (Separately, of course. I'm not really in to mutant fried abominations. I'm a fair food purist).

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The Peanut had a grand old time, of course. He had fun last year taking in the sights, but this year was even better, thanks in part to his unique vantage point:

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Also, he is really in to tractors right now. So, all those lame displays of expensive yard equipment? SUPER FUN.

For the big kids too, I guess:

In addition to the food, I go for the goats. I love goats. There is not a single thing in this world cuter than a baby Pygmy goat. Please don't send me your baby pictures. I will just break your heart right now and tell you that your kid is not as cute as these kids (particularly the one on the right):

Plus, with a little slight of hand, you can make them talk to passers by:

We happened to visit on some sort of driving/draft horse day. I could have watched these big lovable lumps jingle around the ring for hours.

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But there was still more to do! Like cheer for the Ravens marching band:

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And then, there's this. I have no idea what this is. Both awesome and inappropriate at the same time. And supposedly edible.

We even managed to pause long enough for a sweaty family photo (though not long enough to stop cramming Cheerios into our mouth):

Brave the heat and visit your county fair! And bring me back a corndog while you're at it.


Amy F.W. said...

I had a goat give me the stare, then promptly pee on the fence between us. I decided at that moment, goats weren't so cute anymore. Me guesses that you has not been peed upon by a goat. (P.S.: Love the shots!!)

eclemrush said...

No goat pee yet. But I have been peed on by the Peanut and I still think he's pretty cute ;)

eclemrush said...

Not as cute as a baby pygmy goat, but still.