Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living beyond our means

Well, not really. Just hob-nobbing with folks above our tax bracket. Once or twice each summer, we like to take advantage of Twilight Polo at Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia. It's a great opportunity to get the polo experience. Especially because it's arena polo, which means the matches are shorter and in a smaller, closer space than regular field polo (you know, from Pretty Woman). Plus, there's tailgating. And really, all we need is the tailgating part. The general rules of polo are fairly simple, but the fouls are mind-boggling, so wine is helpful.

We skipped last summer, probably something to do with raising an infant blah blah blah, so the last time we were at Great Meadow was literally the day before the Peanut was born. Lucky for me, he waited a good 24 hours and let Mommy have one more day to waddle the streets of nearby Middleburg, eat at The Red Fox and at the end of the day enjoy a fancy fizzy soda on the arena sidelines.

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Getting ready to hog all Mommy's duck breast at Forlano's Market

Needless to say, toddler Peanut had a blast. I figured as much.  I mean, there's fast horses and whacking mallets and balls and cute little blonde girls in Lily Pulitzer dresses. Plus, all the crackers your grandmother can feed you (although his favorite picnic basket treat was one only my mom would bring - sardines with dijon mustard. And my kid had four.)

The excitement of the match was almost too much to handle.

Proudly representing the MD in VA.

He was not thrilled that posing for this picture interrupted his pony watching.

Mel the Fox hitched along for the piggy back rides.


Ringside seat.

(Photo credit to Chris for at least half these. But I would get them in the divorce, so let's just call them mine.)

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RobMonroe said...

That is filled with awesome - such a cool experience for the little guy!