Sunday, March 20, 2011

Remarking on the unremarkable

It's funny how the nicest weekends make the worst blog fodder. We had a great dinner with neighbors yesterday (recipe to come) and an equally lovely time taking the dogs for a hike and grilling out at my mom's today. But nothing terribly zany or remarkable occurred. And you know what? Sometimes those are the best kind of weekends.

Hope yours was perfectly boring as well!

Chris tried to capture the "Super Moon". We did not notice anything particularly super.
Visual representation of much of our weekend
Colin did NOT like his first Big Wheel experience. This face was also present on not one but two rocking horses.

Random snapshot, but hey! What is that weird orange thing in his eye?

Um, just the reflection of his own arm as he tried to grab the camera. Funniest catchlight to date.

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