Sunday, March 6, 2011

Trails and 'tinis

Yesterday marked not only the arrival of my external flash, but also our first big walk of the season. Generally, a few times a month we head to my mom's to take the dogs out on a the miles of horse trails surrounding her farm. I don't know if I've mentioned it (yes, I have), but the weather around here has been total crap for the last few months, so we've been pretty cooped up. After our walk, we piled the calories back on with a dinner featuring filet mignon and caramel appletinis. Yum.

Colin actually started out on foot, but he wasn't going fast enough for his grandmother. 

I love that picture. It reminds me of this one of my dad and I from the early '80's:

Anyway, Peanut ended up in the hiking pack/trampoline (he likes to add his own bit of cardio by jumping up and down as Chris walks).

The rest are just some random indoor shots - mostly just testing this whole Speedlite thingy. Verdict? LOVE.

An excellent Saturday was had by all. The dogs have been passed out for most of today, which is usually the measure of a fine walk.

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RobMonroe said...

LOVE the new lens - nice work!

I can't wait for a good hike here in the coming weeks. We had an accidental long stroll at the zoo. That's code for I got us lost. Twice. :o)