Thursday, April 7, 2011

Floral confusion

I do not have a green thumb. None of the flowers I've featured here have been personally grown by me. This fact is not particularly remarkable unless you know that I come from a family of landscapers and horticulturalists. Many, many people in my family make their livings by keeping plants alive.  I am clearly not one of them.

My thumb isn't quite brown - maybe closer to yellow.  Chartreuse? The color of wilting African violet leaves (not that I have one of those on my window sill or anything . . .).  However, there is one plant that I can't seem to kill off. It started as a tiny little rose poinsettia I bought at Home Depot a good three (maybe four?) years ago. Now it is a serious houseplant. I have no idea how that happened. I've managed to keep the poor thing alive, but living in my house has left it in quite a confused state. Over the years, it has gone from turning red right around Christmas to turning red anytime it damn well pleases. With such a chilly spring, the pop of color has been quite welcome, even if it is a distant reminder of the winter holidays.


RobMonroe said...

Congrats! I'm known for my plant killing - co-workers have mocked my forgetfulness when it comes to such when they are on vacation!

Nice pics

Joel said...

Ever try geraniums? They are incredibly forgiving. I had one in college that I managed to kill twice and it kept coming back like Lazarus or maybe a zombie.

I finally killed it out of sheer neglect during the spring rainy season where the soil was soaked for too long and the roots rotted.