Monday, April 4, 2011

These are, in fact, cherry blossoms

Except for when they're tulips. Or a lady walking seven (7!!) dogs. On Saturday, I missed a chance to shoot the cherry blossoms with some photography friends because of the wacky weather we had. Of course, today was absolutely gorgeous so I headed out for a lunchtime walk.

I would have loved to have those girls with me though - I got some nice photos, but I think a lot came out rather cliche and touristy. I could have used some tips or inspiration. However the weather was amazing and, while slightly crowded, there were probably far fewer people jamming the sidewalks then there would have been over the weekend.

(Look! Even the port-o-potties are pretty!)

1 comment:

RobMonroe said...

I'm pretty sure your shots are unique - I've never seen one a blossom-shot with porta potties!

Fun set of shots - nice work.