Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday bliss: A big stack of new-to-me books

A great big pile of stories to be told. Well, the bottom two are for Chris and a few others in the stack are for the Peanut, but I finally restocked my Metro-reading supply at the Stone Ridge Academy Book Sale today. And with this federal shutdown looming, I might even get a jump on some of them.

I know I could hop on the e-reader train, but despite being a librarian I am really very hard on books. They get tossed in my work bag with empty coffee mugs. They get dropped in sand at the beach. The fall in the bathtub. In fact, I try not to borrow many books, even from the library (gasp!) because I abuse them so. And that is my dirty little secret. I hope I don't get my ALA membership revoked.


RobMonroe said...

Sorry you can't catch up on the reading since the shutdown was avoided. (I mean, glad there is no shutdown, but stinks you won't get in the extra reading time...)

Anny's book club just read The Help. Sounded interesting.

Alison said...

Exactly why I don't even think about an e-reader! I'd have that $300 liquid-logged, lost, or stepped on by an elephant in no time. Besides - then I couldn't pass on my crumbs to the library and claim them on my taxes!