Thursday, June 23, 2011

Animals in inappropriate places

Meet Walter. He is the neighborhood rabbit and he likes to chill on our curb while our dogs bark vehemently behind the picture window. I want to love him and pet him and make him mine. Except that he belongs to the folks two doors down and they seem to think the free range lifestyle is appropriate for domesticated rabbits. Me and the loose cats on the street disagree. Poor Walter (I named him that, btw. His real owners probably don't expect him to last long enough to need a name).

Speaking of random animals in urban/suburban settings, look what I saw on the street today!

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Okay, I don't really think horses in downtown crosswalks are inappropriate. In fact I wish I saw them everyday. But you know what I do think is inappropriate for downtown crosswalks?

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Six inch heels! Six motherfather inch heels, y'all. DUDE. Although, I must admit she was indeed working it, so good on her really.

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RobMonroe said...

Cute that you've named him. Funny that he's still alive! He's been free-roaming for about 14 months now! I caught him eating from my garden last summer...