Thursday, June 16, 2011

Motivation, milestones and other junk

You guys! As of May 23rd, Martha Envy 2.0 has been more successful than my first attempt at blogging back in 2007! Hooray! I was really excited to hit that milestone (six whole months!). That's a lot of cheese and a lot of photos of my kid. Thanks for putting up with both for this long : )

And yet, for reasons that I can not explain, this random steak post continues to be the most frequently hit according to Blogger's statistics. It's not much of a recipe (and even less of a photo), but I'm not the judge of you, Internet -- so thanks for clicking people!

As for motivation, well for those of you interested (and I don't presume many are) my Shredification is going . . . okay.

Week 1 : I met my goal.
Week 2: I half met my goal and blamed it on travel.
Week 3: I'm still on track but have a weekend of debauchery right around the corner that could derail me.

I feel a lot less lazy in general and that was the main goal so I'm calling it a win thus far. Plus, I can now hold a killer plank without thinking I'm going to die. See? Winning!

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RobMonroe said...

I had to stop looking at my blogger site hit stats - just complete randomness! (Probably does not help that the first post I did was about hand-cranked porn...)