Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy dearest

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Surprise, surprise. We spent most of Father's Day weekend at the beach.

Got to play in the waves with Grandpa Bob.

And then we topped it off with a visit to a winery on the way home. We are predictable folk.

And since I didn't snap a pic with Grandpa Don today, here is the Peanut (when he really was a little peanut) with Daddy and Pop Pop last year:

Happy Father's Day! Especially to these big three in our lives.

More beach pics to come, including PONIES! I didn't get to name any of them though. Hurumph.


RobMonroe said...

You might not have named the ponies, but it still looks like a great Father's Day!

Angela said...

Sounds like a wonderful Father's Day! I love the beach photos, look like so much fun!

Kindred Spirit said...

Thanks for stopping by :D I can't beleive the pic showed up in cool! I love the drawing in the sand! & your father's day shot is so precious :)