Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beach bums

As you could probably surmise from Friday's post, we were away this weekend for our first beach trip of the year. Thanks for not robbing us, Internet strangers!

The Peanut loved the beach just as much as he did last year. He has lost his taste for eating sand, but not for running headlong in to the surf. Why are toddlers so obnoxiously suicidal? Friday was our only real day at the beach, Saturday and Sunday were a bit too chilly, but it was positively gorgeous. And there was hardly anyone there. Probably because it was still, um, April. Rock on, Global Warming.

Doing his best George Burns impression.

A sad little turtle Chris found.

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Enjoying the kite festival on the boardwalk.

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RobMonroe said...

I hope you kept the turtle to raise at home - that would have been too much for me to pass up! I know it's wrong...

Love the George Burns picture!