Friday, May 13, 2011

Same great taste.

New look. Whaddya think?

The pattern on the background is  courtesy of , an adorable source for patterns, brushes, clip-art, etc. The main font is hilariously titled "Shit Happens", from and it makes me giggle. Nascent design skillz by yours truly. I'm pretty sure they're not what crashed Blogger. Pretty sure.

Oh, and for Friday Bliss: Berger Cookies! I think you can only get them in Maryland (and at only the finest gas stations). In other states calling something that is predominantly made of fudge a "cookie" is probably considered false marketing. And yes, that is a dashboard in the background. These things don't make it all the way home - gotta snap 'em while you can.

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Who needs focus when you have fudge?

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Happy Friday!

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Sarah said...

There are definitely places in VA that sell them. They're the best cookies ever, so it's not surprising supplies run thin the farther you get from Baltimore :)