Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prison de bébé

I was standing in line at Paul, a new bakery in Penn Quarter,  the other day and while admiring the racks upon racks of fresh crusty bread and the displays of delicate French pastries,  this adorable (yet somewhat medieval) high chair caught my eye:

It is like the mullet of booster seats: business up top, party down below. Or prison down below. It's a banker's chair with a baby leg cage. The bakery has gone to great lengths to recreate a rustic French atmosphere, which makes me wonder if this is what all children's furniture looks like in France. Cribs with padded headboards and canopies? Mahogany swings upholstered in the finest chintz? Le Gaurde-meuble meets Graco.

By the way - the bread (particularly the olive bread used to make the tomato and mozzarella sandwich) is great, though the line and the service suck terribly.

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RobMonroe said...

Kind of funny, and seems like it's a little brilliant!