Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Previously, we discussed my general lack of horticultural skills. But I completely forgot about one giant botanical success.

My great big beautiful peonies!

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Pretty pink balls of perfumed fluff. I love them. I planted the bulbs years before they actually started to flower and was starting to give up hope when one spring they finally started to peek through the soil. My grandmother always said they needed ants to bloom, and these seem to have them by the truckload. They're still gorgeous, but ick.

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Also, I have a giant patch of chives that I can't seem to kill. We never eat chives, except when I'm desperate and out of onions. I don't know what possessed me to even buy that one little pot so many years ago. But they do have cute spikey flowers to photograph, if nothing else.

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Oh yeah, and I found one other thing in my garden that I've managed to keep alive and well for a few years:
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No green thumbs there, just brown paws. Brown paws full of MUD.


RobMonroe said...

Beautiful flowers - now on to planting food, right? :)

Missy said...

You can eat the chive flowers in salads!

Amy F.W. said...

Sigh. Love.